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Our ode to the SENIQ route


Our ode to the SENIQ route

Group of women hiking outdoors wearing SENIQ technical apparel

We are Seniq

We draw inspiration from the journey, not the destination.


We are on a mission to empower minds through the outdoors.


By connecting mind to movement, the outdoors becomes more than just grounds for physical activity, but an oasis for mental reset and growth. Available to everyone, the outdoors is our most accessible wellness tool.

At SENIQ, we know mental wellness is crucial for a happy, healthy, and balanced life. We strive to bring equity to the outdoor and wellness spaces, knowing everyone deserves access to these resources. We're proud to donate 1% of our sales and 100% of event profits to foundations that provide mental wellness resources to communities that need it most. We believe mental health is physical health.

We build outdoor apparel for women, with a modern approach. We believe outdoorswomen should be able to enjoy the outdoors without compromising style. Our designs are made to move with you - from street to trail

meet the team

Valentina Thompson SENIQ co-founder


Valentina Thompson

After a decade of working for industry-leading activewear brands, Valentina saw a much needed change in the way we view outdoor movement. After a long recovery from an ACL injury, she discovered the tightly-lined connection between mental and physical health and how the outdoors can play a healing role for both. Valentina’s favorite ways to move are through day-hikes, hot yoga classes, river floats, and snowboarding.

Madison Poitinger SENIQ co-founder


Madison Poitinger

Madison’s love for the outdoors began at the tender age of two on her first ski trip. From that moment on, she was hooked, eventually moving out west. Through her time in the mountains, Madison discovered the transformative power of the outdoors and its positive impact on her overall wellness. Fresh air became her favorite form of therapy. Today, Madison is an avid trail runner, hiker, and skier.

Georgia Newman, co-founder of SENIQ


Georgia Newman

Georgia brings 15 years of design experience from leading ready-to-wear and activewear brands, honing the skillset to perfect the balance between form and function. Her design & technical expertise paired with a love for the outdoors, make her the perfect creative director for SENIQ. While Georgia is an all around outdoor adventurist, her favorite forms of movement are climbing, scuba diving, and skiing.

SENIQ logo

it's all in the name

Through our name, we embody the spirit of taking the SENIQ route, encouraging each other to enjoy the approach, not just the summit. We believe in the power of the present as it guides us through curiosity, connection, and adventure to create an enriching, holistic experience.

Women wearing outdoor technical apparel designed by SENIQ
Cairn mark for SENIQ

the Cairn

A symbol of balance, presence, and discovery. Inspired by cairns found across the outdoors today, our cairn is an ode to the Wabi-Sabi essence of nature.

Woman outdoors wearing SENIQ Dirtpop Trek Jacket with Trailmix Shorts


Wellbeing Mindset

Mental and physical wellness are inextricably linked. Encouraging a holistic approach, we strive to empower women to prioritize their wellbeing, and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.

Empowering Women

A team formed entirely by women. We create garments and facilitate a community that makes you feel good in the skin you’re in.

Eco Intention

We think of the earth like family, wanting her to be around as long as possible. We take a sustainable approach to business and are on a roadmap to utilize all recycled fabrics by 2026.

Women hiking wearing outdoor technical apparel designed by SENIQ

a letter from the founders

SENIQ Letter from Founders Postcard, women in outdoor gear looking onto mountain landscape
SENIQ Letter from the Founders postcard